Threshold change frequency metal detector in separating the original target

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 Adjustments in the isolation of the Detector or Metal Detector or Manual Ground Radar or Frequency ground handy radar or Mine Detector in the frequency type of diagnostic application provide the main purpose of disturbing sources or factors causing errors, and the characteristics of the settings in the advanced Frequency Radar circuit or advanced Detector of these conditions for better recognition of the operator or user for Separation forms and settings in the type of high-frequency radar circuit or low-frequency radar provide optimal conditions for the operator or user to obtain the best conditions for detection and separation, and the VDI number in the Edit is the best quality for It separates the shape and the surface and volume Threshold creates the separation power for separation in the Best quality, and any type of surface and volume settings such as the surface and volume Threshold is best used to separate fields  of the  same shape that cause errors, as a result The level and volume settings can be used to increase the quality in order to Detect the Main Target field or Gold and Silver, in addition to the settings related to the separation with the VDI number in the Edit, and by changing the settings related to the level and volume such as Threshold, the level and volume can be separated. Objectives in VDI number He defined the Edit in terms of the field level to identify sources and Metals of the same shape


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