Successful operator with advanced frequency metal detector

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Therefore not everyone has an advanced metal detector of the frequency type with VDI number in Edit and Threshold Surface and Size which during the test according to the correct instructions takes Gold and all kinds of metals in depth and separates and discriminates in the main work scene be successful

The guarantee of the advanced metal detector is determined by the buyer himself at the time of testing with Gold in Depth

Guaranteeing success in the main work scene with an advanced metal detector is with the operator himself

The advanced metal detector system has proven its work guarantee during the time test

The operator must prove his skill guarantee in the main work scene

The equation has two sides it must be done correctly so that the equation can be solved and the solution to solve an equation is the one who does the math calculations correctly and the one who does not calculate correctly does not solve the math equation correctly This is the simplest example for people who The advanced metal detector does not succeed in the main work scene and they do not perform the calculations correctly so there is no success in the work the operator made a calculation error

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