Scanner imaging metal detector transmits the data of the main circuit to the software

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The system finder software for Scanner Imaging Metal Detector or Image Scanner or Metal Detector Image Scanner or GPR or Ground Penetration Radar or Ground Handy radar or Scanner Detector or Manual Ground Radar Scanner for separation and discrimination the main purpose of the main circuit settings is ordered and the main circuit settings and software are determined correctly before imaging In the reflection of the field the same target set in the settings by the main circuit can also be identified and the system circuit is the most ready to respond to transfer data from the reflected fields to the software and recognize the frequency properties of the target field determined by the circuit  transmitted creates the best quality and such separation and discrimination conditions are related to circuits designed according to the principles of radar with low frequency or multi frequency emission and after imaging by changing the settings or filter and analysis in the software the conditions of detection in the direction of separation and discrimination The target set in settings with frequency properties emerges from other color spots or imaging or VDI numbers

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