Principles of long range locator tracking

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The principles of tracking during coordinate finding have their own special, scientific and practical conditions, and scientific and practical work with an antenna metal detector or antenna detector is applicable when the circuit of the antenna detector or antenna metal detector is based on the principles of low-frequency radar in the range of the field band. The electromagnetic radar is designed and has VDI number separation settings in the Edit and level and volume Threshold as basic settings. As a result, the antenna detector or antenna metal detector or antenna-type Ground Handy Radar (Long range radar frequency locator) has the principles of scientific tracking according to coordinates, which designed and built with these mentioned conditions

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فلزیاب پیشتاز نزدیک به 30 سال در زمینه طراحی و تولید انواع مختلف دستگاه های فلزیاب ، طلایاب ، معدن یاب و رادار زمینی دستی فعالیت دارد و بصورت انحصاری این سیستم ها را تولید و عرضه مینماید.