Magnetic Metal Detector Metals of the Same Range

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Magnetic circuits that are used in Magnetic Detectors or Magnetic Metal Detectors to Detect Metals and Targets generally do not have the ability to distinguish between two types of Metals or sources of the same Range or class and Magnetic Metal Detectors such as Pulse Metal Detectors or VLF Metal Detectors or Metal Detectors TR and … or any type of Magnetic Detector can Finally only separate Ferrous Metal from Non-Ferrous Metal and if the best conditions in the circuits of the Magnetic Detector or Magnetic Metal Detector or any type of system that works with the emission of Magnetic waves are considered by the designer Again it has no effect in increasing the Separation and Discrimination of Gold and Silver or Diamagnetic Metals and it does not even distinguish between Diamagnetic Metals such as Gold and silver and rotten iron and this is the nature of the Magnetic current in the propagation and reflection in the Magnetic Detector or Metal Detector Magnetic or Magnetic Detector


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