Magnetic metal detector for separation between metals of the same class

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The magnetic detector or magnetic detector or system with magnetic waveform does not have the ability to distinguish separate metals of the same class or close to each other in magnetic and non-magnetic metal types, and even with the VDI number in EDIT, it does not have this ability with high accuracy. which separates metals close to each other from the point of view of reflection, because the conditions for THRESHOLD detection of surface and volume for accurate separation according to the principles of frequency do not exist in the magnetic detector, and other fields can create the field conditions of the main target, especially gold and silver, and which is basically related It does not reflect the main purpose of the signal and this condition causes the magnetic detector such as the pulse metal detector or the TR metal detector or the VLF metal detector and … or any type of magnetic detector or devices that operate with a negative electric field. It becomes the cause of error and there is no accurate separation between metals of the same class in ferrous metal or non-ferrous metal in the magnetic detector or magnetic detector or magnetic metal detector such as pulse metal detector and VLF and TR… or system with magnetic waveform.

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