Long range locator dot metal detector

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The point metal detector system if you mean the pulse metal detector or the VLF metal detector or the TR metal detector of the magnetic type it does not have the application of gold detection in depth in the movement method with the searcher or loop and coil

The magnetic detector or dozing or (the same long range locator with the emission of magnetism) also has the same problem which does not have the ability to detect gold in depth

Choose an antenna detector or metal detector (the same long range locator) that during the test according to the instructions you can find the hidden gold in the depth and distinguish and discriminate It works

But you chose an antenna metal detector (the same long range locator) of the frequency type with VDI number settings in Edit and Threshold Surface and Size which takes the gold in depth during the test and discriminates with the way a magnetic spotter or metal detector works Magnetic detectors such as pulsed metal detectors VLF metal detectors and TR metal detectors are not compatible because each type of magnetic detector cannot detect gold in depth As a result ask for these two types of frequency and magnetic systems to be used together to detect a gold target in depth There is no connection They have nothing to do with each other

The antenna metal detector (the same as the long range locator) of the frequency type with VDI number settings in Edit and Threshold separates and discriminates the surface and volume of gold in depth but the magnetic detector or any type of magnetic metal detector does not separate and discriminate gold in depth

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