Independent penetration frequency metal detector without external voltage

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 Whether the frequency radar or frequency metal detector or frequency GPR or frequency Ground Handy Radar has penetrating power and the power of accurate detection and discrimination depends on the design conditions of the frequency radar or frequency detector circuit and the field reflection detection by the circuit according to the settings in the frequency radar or frequency metal detector or frequency detector is a high power factor in separation or the Discrimination of Targets and planes and objects and Metals and Gold and Silver from a distance or at Great depth and high depth and finally the separation or discriminate power in frequency radar or frequency detector or Metal Detector or manual ground radar or Ground Handy Radar or Mine Detector in the type of circuit design in the emission and separation or discrimination of frequency reflection It is the field of targets that carries out the precise action of separation and Discrimination, of course, air or submarine radars with high frequency carry out the act of separation and Discrimination , and low frequency in the  frequency finder or frequency detector , the act of separation and discrimination is done in emission and reflection, and there is The VDI number in Edit and Thresholding the level and volume as the Main basic settings in the detection combination of frequency radar circuits, which brings the power of resolution and accurate discrimination to the best conditions in detection, and in the course of broadcasting the Radar Frequency and the Frequency Finder or Frequency Detectors the voltage directly to the head of the antenna or the seeker. Either the coil or the loop or the frequency sensors is not connected to create the frequency, but it is in the circuit where the frequency current is formed from the absorption of energy and heat and radiation for propagation.

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