Image scanner metal detector settings before imaging

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 The settings of the main circuit and the software related to the image scanner detector or metal detector of the image scanner must be done before imaging so that during the imaging the emission or absorption conditions of the main target field determined in the pre imaging settings can be recognized in the reflection and the pre imaging settings in The mother control box and the software set the conditions of the VDI number and the Surface and Size Threshold to be equal to the desired target after imaging with the pre image settings in the filter and analysis of the software settings the ability to detect and separate and discriminate the types of sources and targets and Possible changes of course the best detection status is related to the desired target type which is determined in the VDI number settings in the Edit and Surface and Size Threshold before imaging in the main circuit and software and these conditions are set in any type of Scanner Detector Image or Metal Detector Image Scanner or GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar or Ground Handy Radar Scanner is available in frequency type

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