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Gold ion can remain under the soil for many years. Gold has a very low Ion in its field current, and therefore Gold does not have the Ionization current in its molecular existence. It can be said that Gold Ion in the Soil can be measured with an Ion Detector or an Ion measuring device. And Gold over time never takes on an Oxide state or an Ionic state or decay, and one of the reasons that Gold does not have an Ionic state in its center is the state of Diamagnetism of Gold in driving away other fields and electrons with negatively charged particles or A very weak positive tends to negative charge in different forms and the electrons lost energy are in the state of ions, and if a flow of positive Ions is also located in the Gold field, the placement of the ion entering the Gold field is in the same condition as the Gold field. It is placed with an electron that has a positive electric charge and loses its Ionic state, and in turn becomes the electronic state of Gold with a positive charge in the current of the Gold field, and there will no longer be an Ionic state in the center of Gold, and in total, in various states, Gold has The flow of ions or Ionization is not placed and the ion is in the range of the center of Gold in each The condition is very low, and the Gold Ion, which has spent its life underground, appears outside the atomic radius in the lines of the path of the electron with a positive electric charge, and finally appears in the state of the Ion radius with Ion density far away from the center of Gold. The range of Gold ion density is very far from the center of Gold, which is located in the main work scene, and the distance of ion density to the center of Gold is also related to the size, Dimensions, and Depth of Gold, especially old

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