Frequency metal detector VDI number opposite reason for different threshold

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   In the main work scene, when all kinds of surface and volume threshold numbers are used on contrasting VDI numbers, it is possible to reflect the flow of signals or signs, or the flow of magnetic or frequency fields of other quasi-field sources with a large area of the desired reflection target. or the level of the field reflected from the sources in the opposite number and VDI is not equal to a target with large dimensions related to the main work scene and with the opposite VDI number with the surface and volume threshold on the highest number 45 conditions for detecting errors from the same sources The row is not specified and makes the operator or user feel that this range has the main target status, even though by changing the level and volume threshold on the lower numbers together with the opposite VDI number, it responds to the same range as the VDI number. The desired target has responded with the threshold of level and volume on the highest number of 45, and here the error can be recognized from other factors as well.

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فلزیاب پیشتاز نزدیک به 30 سال در زمینه طراحی و تولید انواع مختلف دستگاه های فلزیاب ، طلایاب ، معدن یاب و رادار زمینی دستی فعالیت دارد و بصورت انحصاری این سیستم ها را تولید و عرضه مینماید.