frequency metal detector VDI 100 and Threshold 45 south of the target

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In the long range locator )or the metal detector the frequency type antenna( that has a circuit designed according to the principles of low frequency or multi frequency radar in the main work scene after specifying the center of the target it is possible to use VDI 100 with a surface threshold and a Size of 45 in the south position The main goal in the coordinates is examined and the distance between the outer wall and the inner wall on one side of the side is related to the main goal in the coordinates which should be VDI 100 in the surface and Size Threshold on the 45 shapes of the primary side It has the north side basically from the south side of the VDI and the target surface and Size Threshold is equal to the distance between the external and internal walls of the target to the south the distance between the north wall of the VDI 100 and the surface and volume Threshold It forms on 45 from the south side of the intended goal the distance between the outer and inner walls should be equal to the distance to the northern wall of VDI 100 with a Threshold of 45

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