Frequency Metal Detector Frequency Radar Frequency Infrared Light

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In essence when energy takes a state heat and radiation also appear and in this situation electric and magnetic fields are also formed in the movement of electrons in proportion to the negative and positive electric charge and the electromagnetic field is also created and the generated energy is heat  It comes and forms from the heat of radiation that the combination of fields under pressure in the layers of electron movement can also form infrared which is light itself while the electromagnetic fields that exert pressure on each other and combine and transform can create the result of light because the electric charge particles of the generated electromagnetic fields have both energy and heat and radiation, and there is light in the essence of the frequency flow itself and when the accumulation and pressure of the electromagnetic force with a positive electric charge is formed in the frequency movement it can be transformed into visible light can be observed but its diffused particles cannot be seen and during the formation of the fields there are characteristics related to the frequency that can form light in various modes and frequency radar or frequency detector or frequency metal detector with VDI Number in Edit and Surface Threshold and The volume or Size in its emission has infrared and light but because the high pressure aggregation of energy from voltage in energy is not placed in the final stage of the emission of an antenna or a frequency radar seeker or a frequency detector or a frequency metal detector  the light is not created in a visible state and For this reason the power of the infrared movement and the light belonging to the main frequency of the infrared current are used to create a common electromagnetic field with a positive electric charge.


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