Frequency Metal Detector Antenna Anti-electromagnetism

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The Frequency Metal Detector of the Frequency Radar is the result of Carbon Antenna emission or negative Anti-electromagnetism

When the Frequency field with the electromagnetic field with a positive electric charge on the coil or circuits similar to the performance of the coil and carbon magnet or carbon circuits, which is also called a negative anti-electromagnetic carbon antenna or a disturbing signal, a Frequency Radar circuit or Detector or Metal Detector or Ground Radar or Ground Handy Radar or Mine Detector of a Frequency Detector type designed according to the principles of Radar circuits is communicated or transmitted with the existence of an electromagnetic field with a positive electric charge related to the Frequency field of the Radar Frequency from High Frequency to Low Frequency type, practically the agent of transmission of the Frequency current of the electromagnetic field with The positive electric charge of the main circuit on the coil or circuits similar to the performance of the coil and carbon magnet or carbon circuits and the Frequency field of the main circuit dominates the Magnetic fields in the coil or carbon Magnet and circuits similar to the Carbon Antenna and basically the current of the Frequency field with Related fields related to the Frequency with positive electric charge will bring the emission conditions from the anti-electromagnetic interfering or negative Antenna, and the Frequency emission property related to the Frequency Radar or Frequency Finder or Frequency Detectors to move and remove the sources and Metals or disturbing fields or fields with negative electric charge appear to make the Detection work in diffusion or Separation and Discrimination in reflection more clear, and in such conditions, in such a situation, in a Low-Frequency Detector, the state of the power to pass Deep into the Earth and the layers of the Earth. It receives and reflects back the fields of Targets, Metals, Gold and Silver through Coil or Carbon Antenna or negative Anti-Electromagnetism and transmits it to the main circuit of Frequency Radar or Frequency Detectors and according to the Adjustments or settings in VDI number in Edit and Threshold Surface and Size or The level and Adjustment of the reflection current of the Metal Field or Target or Gold and Silver Determined by the evaluation of the main circuit for Separation and Discrimination will be formed for the correct response, and this is one of the applications of negative anti-electromagnetism coils or negative anti-electromagnetism Antennas in Frequency Radars or Frequency Detectors. It is advanced and this situation makes the possibility of Errors from the reflection of sources and fields causing Errors from the same or similar fields or combined fields to be as low as possible.


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