Frequency discrimination metal detector relative to magnetism

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   The detector or metal detector or ground handy radar or mine detector in a position that has an advanced circuit for discriminate and detection must also have specific discriminate settings according to the VDI SCALE discriminate and detection table in order to be able to detect silver, copper and aluminum. and distinguish the cavity, brass, bronze, nickel, chrome and alloy metals separately with a separate VDI number and in the detector or metal detector or manual ground radar or ground handy radar or mine detector in the category of frequency detector or absorption detector despite the THRESHOLD settings of detection conditions It is provided with higher quality than the magnetic detector, and the presence of level and volume settings and settings related to the removal of tracks and magnetic and selfie modes make it possible to detect other metals and identify and specify the specific target range of the item. The principle of discriminate in the detector or metal detector in the frequency type with VDI number settings in Edit and Threshold has a higher surface and volume power to separate all types of metals and separation according to the VDI number in Edit compared to the magnetic detector or magnetic detector, and this difference in characteristics In the flow of the given field type of emission of frequency with Electric charge is positive and magnetism with electric charge is negative

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