Frequency and magnetic metal detector VDI number separation

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The separation and detection table is related to the VDI number for all separate detectors in the world which is called the VDI scale This is the system circuit that determines the stability and depth of a metal detector or detector The magnetic metal detector works according to the emission of magnetism which charges It has a negative electric current and it combines with the negative electric charge of the earth and other sources and performs average measurement and has no error in detection and does not penetrate deep into the earth and according to the principles of radar a frequency metal detector emits an electromagnetic field with a positive electric charge which in motion The other fields are combined in the dominant position and the straight line of frequency propagation with back reflection is in one direction but two lines are different in number and time and therefore they do not suffer interruptions or loss of movement in their own level in propagation in proportion to reflection and this is one of the factors of depth penetration and accurate return reflection for separation and discrimination in depth are according to the VDI number in the metal detector or frequency detector



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