Disturbed Composite Field Reflection Surface Frequency Metal Detector

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 In some cases the alloy of metals or targets in the main scene of the work can have combined fields, which are mixed fields in the reflection of the quasi return of the main Target field or Gold and Silver which reflects the combination of fields related to the Ground fault and sometimes resources and minerals and Rocks or minerals or sediments and decayed Metals together have a combined field and this field combination of any factor can cause the reflective Surface to have the main Target or Gold and Silver which is a disturbed Ground in the conditions of the combined field and in working with a Frequency Metal Detector or any type of Frequency Detector designed according to the principles of Frequency Radar which has VDI Number Adjustment (Settings) in Edit and Threshold of Surface and Size when such conditions are created in the main work scene the Ground fault condition is created from the combined fields of the operator Or the user can detect the level and volume of the Ground Error from the combined fields by changing the Adjustment (Settings) in the VDI Number in the Edit and Threshold

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