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The Android ION Detector or Android ION Finder is basically the same ION Finder and it performs the work of Ion finding, and Android is a type of program or software that is installed on hardware and computer devices that transmits the data related to changes in the concentration of ions in a Range to the Software. Android transmits and Android or Windows or any type of computer and electronic software has no Effect on the work of the Ion Detector in Detecting Metals and gold or silver and Targets, because the Ion Detector itself can Detect the Frequency or Magnetic Field of Metals and gold or silver and etc. and the function of the Ion Detector is not to reveal the Field of Metals and objects, gold and silver and even the Ion Detector with any kind of sound function and different Software does not have the power to distinguish and distinguish metals and gold or silver and new or old objects. And even the Ion Detector of the Ion Field in the new Gold and Silver is in a very Low or weak state, which does not Detect in the Range of Gold and Silver Metals and objects, and Metals such as Gold and Silver which are Diamagnetic due to the elimination of other Fields, certainly field movement in the electrons around and those electrons that lose their energy in the Ion state in a range far from The center of Gold and Silver, especially if a lifetime has passed, is formed in the form of aggregation at the distance of the atomic radius from the center of Gold and Silver and Diamagnetic Metals, or the flow ion of moving away its lost energy electrons, which takes the state of the Ion, creates a condition where the Ion They will aggregate themselves to a Range far away from the distance of the atomic radius of their center, which has nothing to do with the center of Gold and Silver and the Diamagnetic Metals of salty Metal, and for this reason, this is also one of the cases in which the Ion Detector has the ability to Detect new and old Gold and Silver Ions. does not have



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