VDI number Frequency Metal Detector for the Same Target

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Frequency Finder or Frequency Detectors or Manual Ground Radar or Mine Finder or GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar or Ground Handy Radar or Metal Detector in Frequency type works completely according to the Separation and Discrimination and recognition table or VDI Scale and this property in the VDI number in You will get an edit in the Frequency Finder or Frequency Detectors that you set on any type of Metal, it Separates and Discriminates the same Target or Metal, for example, the VDI number of any type of Metal, such as Gold and Silver, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Nickel, Chrome, Aluminum, and Bronze and determine the Tin, Brass, Cavity , channels, Rotten Metals, and alloy Metals. The same Metal Specified in the VDI number in the Edit is Separated and Discriminated, or the VDI number in the Edit for any type of Metal or the purpose of its own number and this is having specific numbers for each Target or Metal from the total number of integers related to all types of Metals or Targets, a functional indication with Digital principles and circuit design with High quality Digital parts in order to distinguish and Discriminate types of Metals and Targets. The correct answer in this type of Frequency Detectors with the Adjustments mentioned in the types of Long Range Antenna Metal Detector and Antenna Metal Detectors, Long Range Locators, Imaging scanners, and Laser Metal Detectors It is done and the difference in Separation and Discrimination of Targets and Metals, Gold and Silver at different Depths in Frequency Detectors is considered by the design during the design of the circuit, and this power of Separation and Discrimination of Metals, Gold and Silver in Depth Depends on the type of design. The circuit is based on the principle of Detecting the reflection of the fields in isolation

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