VDI communication frequency metal detector and error threshold

توسط |2023-01-30T18:32:37+03:30ژانویه 30th, 2023|فلزیاب فرکانسی|

 The settings of Separation  or Discrimination and level and volume in any type of Frequency Radar or Detector or advanced Metal Detector are related to each other and increase the application of Detecting the main target from the sources that cause errors, and in the Detectors, the settings of the VDI number in the Edit are Determined. The separation or Discriminate of the type of target or sources is done in the emission and reflection of Frequency or Magnetism, which is done in the type of Detector or Metal Detector or   Manual Ground Radar or Ground Handy Radar or Mine Detector in the Frequency type. The separation or Discrimination conditions are initially the responsibility of the VDI number in the Edit or settings related to the separation. And in the second stage, it is related to the type of Determining the level and volume settings, such as the Threshold, which by changing the level and volume settings, the difference between the main target and disturbing or error-causing sources can be obtained.

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