Separation magnetic metal detector to DISCRIMINATE gold from copper

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 The fields of gold and copper, both of which are diamagnetic, are very close to each other, and in many cases, there is a certain amount of gold in the composition of copper, which will also have the conditions of reflection of gold, and in this situation, the magnetic detector or magnetism detector even the number of VDI It also has the ability to separate copper and gold in the Edit, especially if it is located in depth, and one reason is that these two types of metals, gold and copper, are close to each other, which is used to detect the magnetic properties in the magnetic detector. or magnetic metal detector such as pulse metal detector or VLF metal detector or TR metal detector… or magnetic detector or function generator or systems with magnetic wave, there is no ability to separate with high precision in the field of separation and the conditions of copper and gold are very similar It is close and the reflection of copper can return a signal close to gold, of course there are metals or minerals and other sources that have these conditions, but the use of separation in the detector or metal detector or manual ground radar or ground handy radar or mine detector according to the type of detection in the category The frequency is different from magnetic and in magnetic detectors such as pulsed metal detectors or metal detectors VLF or TR metal detector… or magnetic detector, the conditions for distinguishing copper and gold are not done well, and in the depth of those magnetic metal detectors that have the VDI number in the Edit, due to the use of magnetism in the detection, As soon as the depth of gold and copper increases and it moves away from the loop or coil or magnetic sensor, it is no longer possible to distinguish these two metals, copper and gold.


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