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Metal detector concept of colors in gold scanning
The concept of color in frequency scanning with VDI number settings in edit and threshold has an acceptable level and volume and has a scientific and practical meaning, and image frequency radar or image scanner finder according to the principles of frequency and frequency properties and different types of heat and energy and radiation of targets and The scanning of gold and metals in the frequency flow is different in the type of colors for separation, because in each type of image scanner, the circuit in reflection does not use frequency detection according to the principles of radar circuits with frequency. The concept of colors in scanning is for separation and separation and detection. Gold and all types of metals are not acceptable and cannot be recognized and separated because they act according to magnetic properties or magnetic density or ionic density, none of which is a sign of the difference between color recognition and color separation according to the principles of energy, heat and radiation, which is the structure of color composition according to the principles of frequency And the conditions of heat in the type of color according to infrared are next to energy and radiation, and magnetometers, Tesla, ion detectors or any other devices other than frequency detectors do not have the ability to detect frequency properties that are different in the type of energy, heat, and radiation. Detection with magnetic properties or any And the system with the condition of magnetic wave shape or detection tags of magnetic density or ion density such as magnetic finder or magnetometer or Tesla or ion detector do not have the conditions to detect the type of frequency flow that can accurately locate the main target or gold despite the conditions of changes in the earth’s condition. In scanning, it detects by combination and color separation, so in this category of devices, the concept of color in scanning does not have a special meaning, and because they do not have resolution, any factor can cause disturbances or changes in the detection level of these devices, and any type of error factor can be caused by color in scanning. show as the color of gold or the desired metal, which has nothing to do with the target, but is from wrong or disturbing sources

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