Metal Detector with Low Frequency Penetration of the Ground

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The positive field in the Frequency emitted from the Frequency Radar circuits forms the power of the Frequency movement into a regular Range (class) composition and the use of energy and heat and radiation in the Frequency Radar circuits from High Frequency to Low Frequency the ability to pass through any type of field flow of objects and planes and layers it occupies the Ground and Separation and Discrimination with high accuracy and the same conditions of the field with high positive electric charge and the field with very low negative electric charge that are released by the Frequency Radar circuits the characteristics of movement and penetration and passing through obstacles and disturbing fields or Creates the fields belonging to objects and minerals and resources and the designer of the Low Frequency emission situation in GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar or Metal Detector Image Scanner or Long Range Locator Metal Detector or Ground Handy Radar or Long Range Locator or Metal Detector or Metal Detector of the Antenna type of the Frequency Group with Adjustments (Settings)  The VDI Number in Edit and Threshold takes into account the Threshold Surface and Size or Shallow and this type of design according to the principles of Radar  is one of the factors that the Frequency emitted by the Frequency finder or of the Frequency Group Detectors with high precision regularity and power will put pressure on other fields and from any The field and even the current of the earth’s magnetic field with a negative electric charge e and it can be said that the conditions of the Frequency field with Low Frequency emission cause it to overcome other fields in its path of movement and disperse and weaken the earth’s magnetism along its path of movement and penetrate the Depth of the Earth and These special conditions in Frequency Radar circuits provide the possibility of Low Frequency movement with an electromagnetic field with a positive electric charge to pass through the layers of the earth and penetrate Deep into the earth and a Low Frequency Radar circuit or a Frequency Detector such as an electromagnetic field with a positive electric charge also It will bring the conditions of the diamagnetic field


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