metal detector Magnetic diamagnetism non combination of fields

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Due to the positive electric charge in the electromagnetic field diamagnetic metals repel or disperse the magnetic current as a result magnetic metals or magnetic detectors detect those metals that do not ionize or decay over time and are essentially diamagnets or paramagnets It doesn’t recognize the depth and when the force of the magnetic field of the magnetic detector or the magnetic detector does not respond well to the field of non magnetic metals or having a positive electric charge field this combination and the non transformation of the magnetic field emitted by the magnetic detector or the magnetic metal detector and the non-magnetic field Magnetism gold and silver are normal in the field space in a state of pressure on each other and these two opposite fields in the condition of putting pressure on each other in a natural and general state will bring a repulsive vortex situation of course pay attention to the magnetic detector or magnetic detector Due to the frequency formed by the voltage that shapes the magnetic wave shape in the magnetic field it is possible to find gold and silver or diamagnetic metals due to disturbance in the magnetic wave they are up to a few centimeters below the ground or at a shallow depth but a magnetic detector or a magnetic metal detector like Magnetic metal detectors such as pulse metal detectors or TR metal detectors or VLF metal detectors etc or generator function or systems with magnetic waveforms at great depth are not capable of detecting gold and silver at any Surface and Size

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