Metal detector finding coordinates between two targets

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 When you are located between two targets of the same type in the coordinate finding or movement method with a search engine or antenna or coil or magnetic sensor or frequency sensor, to determine the center of these two targets close to each other or two targets with a distance of close to the same accuracy Action is needed because the flow of two targets in the field connection with each other simulates a range of its surroundings as the state of its field current and this becomes one of the factors that determine the center of two targets close to each other, causing errors in determining the range of the target center in the detector system or metal detector. and of course, if these two targets are of the same type or the type of diamagnetic metals are close to each other, the difference current in determining the center of the target will be more difficult to recognize, requiring higher accuracy of the operator or user in determining the main range of each target separately has it

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