Making an Advanced Frequency Metal Detector

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The creation of Advanced Frequency Metal Detectors in the world is only available to Scientists of Electronic Radar Science, and the Scientists who design Frequency Radars have this Science that they can design the Best Detectors or Metal Detectors or Manual Ground Radars or Ground Handy Radar and Mine Detectors with Low Frequency according to the principles of Radar circuits. The conditions of Separation and Discrimination of all kinds of Metals and Especially Gold and Silver, are in Depth, and because of that, the design and construction of an advanced Metal Detector is a special Frequency that every Scientific Group does not have the ability to design and build an advanced Metal Detector, and the principles of designing an advanced Metal Detector or an advanced Metal Detector It is very complicated and every Detector or Metal Detector manufacturer does not have Electronic Radar Scientists with special expertise for designing with precise scientific principles, as a result of the number of manufacturers and designers and factories or scientific complexes in the world that have advanced Frequency Radar and Metal Detectors or advanced Detectors. design is very Limited and does not reach the number of fingers



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