Making a strong and simple metal detector with a phone

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Building a strong metal detector requires advanced and special technology according to the principles of frequency or magnetism, and building a strong and simple metal detector with a phone does not have the working concept of an advanced metal detector, and in fact, it is not a metal detector according to scientific principles, but the circuit of a mobile phone or any other circuit that is designed It is made for telecommunication principles, it is not made according to the principles of radar circuits, but in the mobile phone, one or more types of software related to the function of the generator, either of the magnetic field type, or with the magnetic waveform of the magnetic current, according to the principles of the FM band or the difference detection type They put a magnet that can detect metals or gold only up to a few centimeters and basically the software installed on the mobile phone does not work as a strong and advanced metal detector, but it can be said that the software inside the ear of the mobile phone is a simple metal detector. It is of very low efficiency, which is not useful, and a strong metal detector is one of those detectors that can distinguish gold in depth, and such a detector can be called a strong metal detector, and the software flow is presented as a metal detector in the mobile phone. A powerful metal detector or an advanced metal detector sharp

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