Making a special frequency metal detector

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Detectors or metal detectors in the state of detection in terms of circuit have two methods of separation or separation power or diffusion and with these two methods of circuit operation they can separate, which in the separation mode is dominated by the emission of the magnetism of the negative electric charge current and the emission mode of the frequency of the charge current The positive electric current of the template and both current separation with magnetism and frequency with VDI number can be recognized in the edit, but the level and volume settings such as the level and volume threshold are only specific to the frequency current in the class of radar circuits and in the circuit of any type of magnetic detector such as Pulse metal detector, TR metal detector, IB metal detector, and generator function or system with magnetic wave, there are no conditions for determining the surface and volume threshold, and magnetism does not detect the surface and volume of the target in diffusion and reflection, and in general In the circuit of any type of magnetic detector, the designer can finally place the sound threshold, and the designer must consider how to use the related settings and how to design the circuit, and the separate separation with the VDI number in the edit, which all It accurately separates magnetic metals and non-magnetic metals in the metal detector Either manual ground radar or mine finder is of a frequency type with a VDI number in the edit, which is highly useful, and one of its factors is the presence of surface and volume thresholds in circuits according to the law of frequency radar, and the ability to distinguish and separate between types of metals and gold. And silver and copper or metals of the same class can be done separately in frequency circuits according to the principles of low-frequency or high-frequency radar, and it is the radar circuits that provide separation separately and are accessible

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