Magnetic Metal Detector scattering of Magnetism by Gold field

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 The Magnetic Detector has not been able to detect gold in depth because gold does not create changes in the magnetic field of the magnetic detector due to the fact that it is non magnetic to detect the difference  and that is due to the lack of sensitivity of the magnetic detector or magnetic detector to Gold and Silver and one of the reasons It lies in the fact that the Gold and Silver in the depth of the flow of the pressure of the magnetic field puts the searcher of the magnetic detector or the magnetic detector in the rejection state and the Gold and Silver reflects the magnetic current in a scattered state and the magnetic detector of any type detects Gold and Silver that is Diamagnetic In the movement method with the searcher it does not go deep and Gold and Silver does not Separate and Discriminate and one of the factors is the dispersion of magnetism by the Gold and Silver field in the state of Diamagnetism due to the presence of positive electric charge of Gold and Silver

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