MADE Metal detector with satellite Finder

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Metal detector construction with satellite Finder originally operates at high frequency flow and the conditions of a system with low frequency radar circuits do not have a deep depth and is because when they want to make a metal detector when they want to make a satellite. The principles of metal detector manufacturing are not respected unless they know the satellite of the metal detector, so each system has its own use and is designed for a specific task, but some accessories can be an auxiliary factor in metal detector or finder or detectors or ground radar or ground handy radar or Frequency gpr circuits. Manually or miners are used, but the main circuit of the finder is designed according to the principals of the metal detector or the Frequency long range locator or a ground handy radar and the main circuit of the metal detector or metal detector or a hand -founder or mine without accessories such as Frequency sensors or any type Accessories do their original work to detect metals, especially gold, in depth

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