Image Scanner Metal Detector or Ground Penetrating Radar

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 Any type of Image Scanner Detector that uses frequency emission and reflection to detect the metal field in Separation and Discrimination is in the type of Ground Penetrating Radar which is also called GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar Basically the image scanner detector or The image scanner metal detector or ground penetrating radar or GPR must work according to the frequency emission and the detector circuits of the image scanner or metal detector image scanner or ground penetrating radar or Ground Handy Radar Scanner must have circuits designed according to the principles of Radar in order to Separation and Discrimination of Gold and Silver and all kinds of Metals in Depth and since the word Radar is used in this type of detectors  it must work according to the principles of frequency because all advanced radars work with frequency and it is in the principles of frequency propagation that radars The ratio of the high to Low Frequency type performs the act of searching and distinguishing and recognizing and Discriminating any type of object Metal and plane Gold and Silver with precision and the most advanced type of Image Scanner or Metal Detector is an Image Scanner or GPR or ground penetrating radar To the ground it has VDI number settings in Edit and Threshold Surface and Size

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