Image Scanner Metal Detector Detects Pseudo Target Sources

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ome fields in the main work scene in the combination and conversion mode reflect the status of the pseudo target field in the Metal Detector  Image Scanner or Ground Handy Radar or Manual Ground Radar Scanner or GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar of the frequency type by determining the VDI Number settings. In Editing and Thresholding the Surface and Size of the desired target state can be determined and if the main pseudo target fields are reflected in the filter and analysis on the software these main pseudo target fields can be recognized and separated or in the software By determining and changing the settings by analyzing or filtering the main target conditions are separated from other sources and at the time of filtering or analysis when the software settings are equal to the VDI number in the Edit and Threshold the Surface and Size of the main circuit  the target type is determined It can be detected in the software settings  and if it is the reflection of the field of other sources  the desired target response given in the main circuit settings is not revealed in the software settings  and with this condition the difference in the color stain or VDI Number of the main target can be detected from the software settings  He recognized and specified the combined fields of other sources


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