How does the Long Range Locator Work

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How does an Antenna Detector work, or how does an Antenna metal Detector or Metal Antenna detector a Long Range Locator work, and how does it Detect or Discriminate Gold and Silver? It depends on the circuit design of the Antenna Detector, which is in the category of Frequency Antenna Detector or Magnetic Antenna Detector. In the Antenna Detector, the type of operation is in Frequency according to the principles of Frequency dependent fields flow with positive Electric charge and has settings of VDI number in Edit and Threshold of Surface and Size or level and volume, and its circuit is according to the principles of Low Frequency and Frequency  Radar, which is It is the most advanced type of Antenna Detector or Long Range Radar in the world, and the Magnetic Antenna Detector or Magnetic Long Range Radar works by emitting a Magnetic field with a Negative electric charge or a Magnetic waveform, which does not have the power to penetrate Deep into the Earth to Discrimination Gold or separate Gold or various Metals, especially Diamagnetic Metals such as Gold and Silver, and how The work of the Antenna Detector or Long Range Locator Depends on the type of circuit design and if it is a Frequency, the Frequency movement Lines with the mentioned settings can penetrate Deep into the Ground and carry the Frequency propagation circuit, and it receives Targets in the reflection according to the Frequency settings or the Frequency properties of the field. In the type of Magnetic Antenna Detector or Magnetic Long Range Locator , it has a Magnetic emission circuit, and on the other hand, it responds better to Magnetic Metals or Metals that are Ionized or decayed or have a Negative Electric current, and they cannot Detect paramagnetic Metals such as Gold and Silver, especially at Depth


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