Frequency radar metal detector related settings

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 Settings in all types of Detectors or Metal Detectors have an operational application to increase the ability to Detect and remove disturbing particles, and the settings in a Frequency Detector or Frequency Metal Detector or Frequency Radar are completely related to each other according to the circuit design according to the principles of Radar, and the settings determined in a Radar An advanced Frequency or Metal detector, an advanced Frequency Detector or an advanced Frequency Detector creates high power for the separation and separation and Discrimination of Targets, and in the design of a Frequency Radar circuit or a Frequency Detector or any type of Detector, the designer considers the settings for separation and Discriminate with the highest quality, and the features of the Frequency Radar or The Detector or Manual Ground Radar or  or Ground Handy Radar or Mine Detector or Metal Detector of the Frequency type has the conditions of separation and Discriminate and Detection according to the settings, and this is because the settings in the Frequency Radar or Metal Detector or Frequency Ground Handy Radar or Frequency Detector or Frequency Mine Detector can detect the main targets. It can be easily separated from other sources, Metals and disturbance, and in Frequency Radar or Frequency Finder, if you do it carefully in the way of determining or changing the settings, you can separate the main target position from other sources and in Frequency converter with VDI number settings in Edit and level and volume Threshold or settings related to level and volume and other related settings, Discrimination or separating by combining settings or connecting, determining and changing settings with the correct method of Detection to the final limit in separation and It becomes a factor to determine the conditions of the main Target such as Gold and Silver from sources and objects and particles of disturbing electric charge belonging to other fields.

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