Frequency Metal Detector Sound Structure in Frequency For Penetration

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The Flow of Energy that forms the Frequency at the Time of formation from Frequency Radar circuits will also bring the characteristics of the Sound composition  and when the Frequency is generated from energy and heat and radiation  electromagnetic fields are also formed which itself is one of the factors of the formation of Sound in The Frequency related to Frequency Radars is from High Frequency to Low Frequency of course several factors can cause Sound in the Frequency and the sound that arises from the Frequency related to Frequency Radar circuits in the Detector or Metal Detector or Manual Ground Radar or Ground Handy Radar or Mine Detector of the Frequency type with Adjustments The Number of VDI in Edit and Threshold is the surface and  Size or Shallow with Low Frequency which forms the power of Penetrating Deep into the Earth to Separate and Discriminate the types of Targets or Metals or Gold and Silver and the combination of electromagnetic fields in the Frequency emission at the time of insertion Force together for the formation of common Electromagnetic Field will bring about changes that will certainly occur in the points where the fields of mutual force enter re oscillating (re_oscillating) Motion will also be formed  and these common points are in the range where the Electromagnetic Fields also have force together can be imported produce a Frequency Sound in the Frequency of Frequency Radars

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