Field specific separation metal detector

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Every type of metal or source or body or materials and mineral materials and resources has its own field conditions formed by energy, heat and radiation or its own frequency, which forms the same conditions of frequency properties as a separate detector or metal detector or mine detector or Manual ground radar or ground handy radar or mine detector , which is a frequency separator with VDI number settings in Edit and level and surface and volume threshold as the basic settings, can detect these fields resulting from the flow of energy and radiation or reflected frequency, and the separation detector metal detector or ground handy radar and mine detector, which is in the separate category, emits a constant frequency according to the principles of the current determined in the circuit, and analyzes the reflected frequency according to the separation settings for separation in a specific classification. separated the fields, and with this condition, the frequency finder with the mentioned explanations separates the separation power of the reflected fields according to separate settings, and in this case, the response conditions in the separation of its own steps are formed, and this flow of frequency properties According to the type of frequency detector circuit design of the furnace It detects the reflected field and the feature of detecting these types of fields separately in the flow of the frequency detector with the VDI number in the Edit and Threshold of the surface and volume can be done and the special separation for any type of metal or gold or resources and minerals and The sources can be detected individually in the frequency finder with the settings mentioned

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