Fault Detection in Frequency Metal Detector

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Low Frequency Radar circuits are designed to have the highest ability to detect faults in the Ground and minerals sources and disturbing particles or combined and conversion fields and can be adjusted by the operator or user by changing the Adjustments (Settings)  of the VDI Number in the Edit and Threshold Surface and Size or Shallow In the systems of GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar or Metal Detector Image Scanner or Long Range Locator Metal Detector or Ground Handy Radar or Long Range Locator or Metal Detector or Metal Detector of the Antenna type of the Frequency Group (Class)   detects the Ground fault in the main work scene and in the main work scene the area that is called as Mark the Detected Ground fault points and to determine the range of the main target the operator or user must determine the VDI Number in the Edit and the Threshold Surface and Size or Shallow corresponding to the same Target and Gold and Silver and determine the Location of the desired main Target specify and if the Adjustments (Settings) related to the Ground Error with the desired Target or Gold and Silver show a common Range the Error characteristic is from the fields of the Earth or Metals or the combined fields of the Earth and in that Range that is common with the two types of response Adjustments (Settings)  It is given that the main Target is reduced or destroyed or the Target is not there Rejected

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فلزیاب پیشتاز نزدیک به 30 سال در زمینه طراحی و تولید انواع مختلف دستگاه های فلزیاب ، طلایاب ، معدن یاب و رادار زمینی دستی فعالیت دارد و بصورت انحصاری این سیستم ها را تولید و عرضه مینماید.