Discriminating Metal Detector in Testing with Metals

توسط |2023-04-17T23:10:23+04:30آوریل 17th, 2023|فلزیاب|

The Discriminating metal detector or separate metal detector shows its effectiveness in separating metals and  Gold and Silver during the test or during the test on Metals and Gold and Silver by Determining the VDI Number in the Edit to perform Separation and Discrimination in Depth and if it is possible to accept a Metal Detector or Detector or GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar or Ground Handy Radar or Antenna Metal Detector of a Separated or Discriminating type that can be used during the test of the detector with the VDI Number in the Editing of types Separate and Discriminate the Metals in Depth Especially the Discriminating Detector should be able to distinguish and distinguish different types of Metals in the Test with the VDI Number in the Edit.

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