Difference Between Magnetic and Frequency Metal Detector in the Reflection Lines

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   The difference in the propagation of magnetism or frequency to pass through combined and conversion fields and sources and targets and rocks and minerals and layers of the earth are different, and the reflection lines of the return fields in a magnetic metal detector or a magnetic detector are very different from a frequency metal detector or a frequency detector. and in the movement method with the searcher or loop or coil or magnetic sensor in the type of magnetic metal detector or magnetic detector when the magnetism spreads and collides with other magnetic fields or the field of resources and minerals and rocks and minerals there is no passing effect or the magnetism Obstacles do not pass due to the changes in the magnetic field emitted from the collision with other fields, the condition of the magnetic field reflection in the return direction changes and causes an imbalance or confusion in the magnetic field and ground balance, and the sending and receiving of the magnetic field in one is a line and when the magnetism spreads and collides with other fields, the reflection back from the other fields causes the spread of magnetism to be disturbed from the magnetic detector or magnetic metal detector, and the other act of spreading the magnetism in the movement method with the searcher or loop or coil or The magnetic sensor is not done, and the same spillage in the emission of magnetism in the magnetic metal detector or magnetic detector will cause it to measure the reflection of the first return and show a response or reaction. the settings have been re-done or ground balance or reset or return to the initial state for magnetism propagation, which is one of the factors of reducing the power of magnetism penetrating deep into the ground and in the frequency metal detector or the frequency detector of the movement lines of the frequency propagation of the power passing through It has combined fields, and the frequency detector circuit or frequency metal detector can separate the reflection of conversion fields from other sources according to the settings, and when the frequency is emitted, if it collides with other fields and minerals and resources, minerals and stones and the frequency is in the reflection mode, the frequency emission from the frequency detector or frequency metal detector is not interrupted and continues to emit the regular frequency of the circuit, and the frequency of the action will move in its own path, and the frequency lines in the reflection emission will be with each other at a certain distance at the same time and it is balanced and it has no effect on the frequency of the return reflection in the frequency propagation, and this is one of the factors of frequency penetration into the depth of the earth for the separation and discrimination of gold and all kinds of metals, or a frequency detector circuit or a frequency metal detector independently of the different lines of propagation and They do the reflection, and the frequency emission and frequency return do not operate in a common line and do not interfere with each other

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