Difference Between Frequency Metal Detector and Magnetic Metal Detector

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The Difference between a Magnetic Metal Detector and Frequency Metal Detector is in the design of the circuit and the difference between a Magnetic Metal Detector and a Frequency Metal Detector is in the type of Magnetic emission and Frequency emission and the Magnetic Metal Detector basically has the emission of Magnetism with a Magnetic waveform and the Frequency Metal Detector is in the total Frequency emission from the main circuit without shape It has a Magnetic wave and the Magnetic circuits that work with the Magnetic Waveform have a specific Frequency related to the Voltage but this Frequency is in the Magnetic Metal Detector such as the Pulse Metal Detector or the VLF Metal Detector and the TR Metal Detector… or the Generator Function or the Magnetic Detector It has nothing to do with Frequency emission from Frequency Metal Detector circuits according to the principles of Radar and this is why some people think that these Magnetic devices that work with Magnetic Waveforms and their Magnetic Field has a Frequency formed from Voltage are of the type of Frequency Metal Detector device that such It is not and Magnetic devices having Frequency from Voltage will never become a Frequency Metal Detector and any type of Frequency Detector from the GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar or Metal Detector Image Scanner or Long Range Locator Metal Detector or Ground Handy Radar or Long Range Locator discriminate or Metal Detector of the Antenna or Female Radius  Antenna  Radar Metal Detector  in  range  the Radar Frequency Group (Class)   With VDI Number Adjustments (Settings) in Edit and Threshold Surface and Size or Shallow  of Energy Flow heat and radiation which is combined in the circuit and converted into frequency are Transmitted independently and directly and in Frequency Detectors with the Mentioned Adjustments (Settings)  the frequency is transmitted over the head The Antenna or the Searcher or the Frequency Sensor of the Voltage current is not connected directly and therefore any type of Frequency Detector for the Separation and Discrimination of Gold and Silver and Metals in Depth does not benefit from the emission of Magnetism or Magnetic Waves and the Frequency Detector has a Special Frequency emission of circuits designed according to The principles of Low Frequency Radar with a Positive field

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