Gold waves

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Gold waves appear in the flow of a Magnetic detector or a Magnetic Metal Detector such as a Pulse Metal Detector or a VLF Metal Detector or a TR Metal Detector… or a Magnetic Detector or a Function Generator or a system with a Magnetic wave in an Oscilloscope in the reflection of deviation conditions in the Magnetic wave, which Some people say that these Gold waves have nothing to do with Gold waves because these changes in the Magnetic waveform or the Frequency of entering the Magnetic field with a weak electric field with a very low positive electric charge, which in the Oscilloscope or Frequency meter in the event of a disturbance or difference in the field Magnetism and Magnetic waveform appear and are determined and the observed changes in the Oscilloscope or Frequency counter or Frequency Meter are related to the Magnetic wave and Magnetic field in the circuit of the Magnetic Metal Detector or Magnetic Detector and even if you find Copper or Metals close to Gold that They are the same atom from a certain distance or distance close to the searcher or coil or Antenna or loop or Magnetic sensor, Magnetic finder or Magnetic Detector with a Magnetic field. In the Oscilloscope or Frequency counter or Frequency Meter, show the changes in the waveform or the same waves as Gold. So, as a result, such a classification for Gold waves is scientifically wrong and not acceptable, and these changes from Gold in the Oscilloscope or Frequency counter or Frequency Meter that are revealed in the Magnetism Detector or Magnetism Detector are revealed and determined to be related to the reflection of Gold waves in There is no separation

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